751st HOBO H3 Trail

Thursday, March 22

Gather @ 6:00PM
Hares off @ 6:30PM


BEHIND TIDEWATER DENTAL CLINIC 425 West 20th Street Norfok, VA 23517


Expiration Dating and G.E.D.

Down Downs:

Same as Start

On Afters



- $5 bucks
- Raincoat......for your penis....
- Backsliders and former hashers
- A spoon, rustiness is optional
- Virgins
- Headlamp....or you wont get a good view at those TIT Checks!!!
- Vessel
- Dry bag
- Clean up water
- Appetite for trail
- A song or two
- All the layers of clothing
- Thirst for snare

Hobo H3 Receding Hareline:

4/12: Fanny Packy Owwww

There are some open dates coming up.
The HOBO challenges anyone to hare a trail that will be a good hobo. Come out and show me how you can punish/trick/swindle the race-ists, keep the pack together and entertain everyone for about an hour.
Seasoned hashers, grab a baby to hare with you. Babies, grab a season hasher and make them your mule.
EXTRA CREDIT if you do this with standard marks and no theme what-so-ever.

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