Here are the directions to make Yucca:
1 x Gallon glass jar
3 x Lemons
3 x Limes
2 Oranges
1 x Cup of Sugar
1 fifth Vodka or Tequila
1/2 Bag Crushed Ice
Take the Lemons, Limes and Orange, and cut them into chunks, place them in the Gallon Glass
Jar. Add the 1 x cup of sugar. Add 1/2 bag Ice. Add a fifth of Vodka or Tequila
Then take the jar, seal it and wrap it in a towel. Have the group shake until ice forms
on the exterior (or about 10 minutes) while singing songs and doing congo lines.
Traditionally, anyone who is going to drink from it must shake it at least once.
Once it has been blessed, it may be distributed to the rest of the group
(the tester must be very trustworthy; if not, they may drink the entire jar,
keeping this wonderful drink to themselves).

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